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Sunnies Face

Brand identity + Campaign launch Photo editing

Philippine lifestyle brand Sunnies Studios launched its makeup line, Sunnies Face, in 2018. Carrying only one product which sold out within hours of it launching, Sunnies Face became an overnight international sensation. The product line has since grown and continues to be in demand across the globe.


I joined Sunnies Face pre-launch as its first Senior Graphic Designer, establishing the brand identity. I worked on every campaign with my co-designer producing launch assets, product packaging designs, print and web collaterals, and all creative needs.




Design and packaging: Treesha Cruz

Photography: Sergiy Barchuk, Emman Montalvan, Jana Jodloman

Store design and VM: Pao Calinog, Cabii Bondoc, Eia Arellano, Glenn Ambas

Execution: Sunnies Face marketing, creative, product development teams

Sunnies Face is a beauty brand that offers luxury brand formulae at a price that feels right. With the tagline 'beauty that gets you', the brand aims to create products that are accessible, easy-to-use, and universally flattering. 


The brand launched with just one product: Fluffmatte, a line of creamy matte lipsticks with nine shades. It has since expanded its line, carrying a variety of colourful products suited for every skin tone.

Before its launch, I worked on the brand identity, selecting typefaces, initiating colour palettes, and establishing a design and style guide.

Through Instagram, Sunnies Face built a community of international makeup enthusiasts and professionals. Celebrities across the globe have been spotted wearing Sunnies Face and the reach continues to extend.

In almost two years with the team, I've been able to work on nearly ten campaigns and numerous other launches. Output from the creative team included producing daily social media content, photo editing and retouching, in-house photoshoots, product and merch design, and all marketing collaterals.

Sunnies Face opened 15 physical stores across the Philippines in just two years. We worked with the retail design team in preparing visual merchandising needs for each store.

I was lucky to have the chance to design a mural for one of the Manila stores – it became a popular spot for customers' selfies.

Beauty editorial brand Rose Inc and its founder, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, collaborated with Sunnies Face to release the products in the US for the first time.

The creative team prepared digital and physical assets for the collaboration's launch.

The team prepares Instagram stickers for every launch. We designed and animated over 50 GIFs, which have been widely used online.

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