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Play Paint

Visual identity + Campaign launch + Product design + Motion graphics

In early 2020, viral beauty brand Sunnies Face launched Play Paint: a nail polish range with a playful colour edit of 15 shades. As the design lead of the creative team, I helped establish the product's identity and collaborated with my co-designer on developing the product design, packaging, and marketing assets for the launch.




Design and packaging: Treesha Cruz

Store design and VM: Pao Calinog, Cabii Bondoc, Eia Arellano

Photography: Jana Jodloman, Keso, Hawang, Louie Aguinaldo

Shoot photography and direction: Cenon at Mav, Gabby

Shoot production design: Studio Mara

Video: Julius Valledor

Execution: Sunnies Face marketing, creative, product development teams

With Play Paint being the brand's most colourful product line, the intention for the logo was to have something quirky and youthful to match its name.

Some early logo studies set on the work-in-progress box packaging.

We had the chance to design custom packaging from scratch, executed by product designer, Treesha, with direction from creative director, Martine.

The campaign shoot created themed scenarios based on the colours and names of each product.

palm springs

lady bug


cereal milk


As part of the launch, we revamped the Sunnies Face website and designed Instagram GIF stickers for each of the Play Paint shade names.

Scenes from the Play Paint store launch and at Sunnies HQ.

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