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3D Video Campaigns

Art direction + Creative ideation

Manila-based beauty brand Sunnies Face built its makeup line by releasing new products every few months. The brand launched its Fluffmatte lipstick holiday packaging through a 3D video that immediately went viral on local social media. Since then, 3D campaign videos have become a regular and highly anticipated part of Sunnies Face campaigns.

As Senior Designer of the creative team, I was tasked to conceptualise, storyboard, project manage, and execute each of these campaign videos. Seen below are my favourite of the videos we produced for the launches of Airblush, Lip Dip, and Fluffmatte.




3D video: Sangwoo Lee

Music: Julius Valledor

Execution: Treesha Cruz, Bianca Mascenon


Airblush is a soft-focus cheek tint with a cream-to-powder matte finish. It comes in six shades packed in colourful round casing.


The objective for the campaign video was to showcase the product's colours and formula. The concept of a pinball machine was inspired by Airblush's circular packaging and the idea of small powder explosions when it hits different surfaces.

Initial sketches and hand-drawn storyboard.

2D digital storyboard before animating in 3D. 

Lip Dip 

This was the brand's first liquid lip product, so we wanted the focus to be on its moisturising mousse formula. 

We didn't create a story for this campaign video but, instead, produced four looping clips that feature the product packaging, colour line, and formula. The goal was to make surreal and satisfying moving images that never end, making it hard to look away.

Digitally illustrated concept boards pre-3D modelling.