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D&AD New Blood Academy

Projection mapping + Advertising + Motion graphics

After learning I had won a D&AD Pencil for my Crowne Plaza project, I applied for the New Blood Academy 2017. I was very much honoured to have been accepted and I spent two weeks at the creative bootcamp with 48 of the most talented young creatives from around the world. Found here are some of the things I worked on at the Academy.




New Blood Academy Graduates 2017
giffgaff ad:
Roan Laenen, Steven O'Neil, Shalyn Wilkins, Stee Shaw

Scenes from my video entry that landed me a spot at the Academy. I played around with projection and turned my bedroom into a makeshift studio.


Watch the video below:

We were given the chance to design a magazine supplement for Creative Review. My team worked on designing a simple yet humorous proposal for the front and back covers and they ended up publishing ours!

Pages from the magazine supplement made by the rest of the teams. View some of the Creative Review content here.

mag inside2.jpg

The culminating project was to create a campaign for network provider giffgaff. The brief was to extend the campaign for the brand' slogan, ‘Free to go, free to stay.’

giffgaff - D&AD Pitch
Play Video

We went for a comedic, physical activation of the tagline and our proposal won 3rd place at the pitch ceremony at the end of the Academy.

dad group.jpg
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