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Crowne Plaza rebranding

Corporate rebranding + Wayfinding Environment design + Packaging

One of my proudest achievements, the Crowne Plaza project was my first official go at rebranding and I was honoured to receive a D&AD Graphite Pencil award for it in 2017.


The project transforms Crowne Plaza into a business traveller hotel that invites guests of all ages, from all over the world. The experiential new identity is flexible and timeless and can reach the modern business traveller, while still meeting the needs of the traditional businessperson. It considers everything from toiletry packaging to interior design to cheeky 'Do Not Disturb' door signs.


The brief was developed as part of my postgraduate degree at Ravensbourne with the mentorship of my tutor, Peter Smith.




Voiceover: Jiten Karia

Crowne Plaza is an international hotel chain with over 400 locations across the world. The goal was to establish a flexible brand identity personalised for the 65 countries that host Crowne Plaza hotels.

The grid was derived from the world map, representing the hotel chain's internationality. It is embodied in the hotel's interiors, furniture, packaging, and wayfinding.

The grid allows for modular pattern graphics that are customised per country the hotel is located in.

The patterns follow the grid and are based on countries' culture and flags, making the hotel experience feel more personal at each new location.

The hotel's bespoke packaging allows for a collect-them-all social media campaign that will invite guests to visit the different Crowne Plaza hotels across the globe.

To make the brand more relatable to the younger generation, humour and wit become a key component to the brand's personality.

I created a wayfinding system and designed interiors that stick to the overall theme.


The incorporation of coworking spaces in the hotel invites the modern-day professional to visit.

Crowne Plaza's new identity is one that encompasses all aspects of the brand, creating one well-designed package for its guests.

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