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Pop Culture

Digital illustration + Branding + Photo manipulation

My love for graphic design began as a hobby. As a pop culture nerd, I learned Adobe Illustrator by making fan art and posting it on my then-active Tumblr. This is a compilation of my earlier works inspired by some of my favourite shows and films.




An illustrated map of Peter Pan's Neverland. I had always wanted to make Disney-inspired art, so I decided to use Neverland as the subject to challenge myself on Illustrator.

My design process and a few merch ideas, some of which came to life!

Parks and Rec

The beloved characters of NBC's Parks and Recreation - an illustrated collaboration with my sister, Therese Luna.


JJ's Diner

More love for Parks and Recreation! When I was still working as an architect, I wanted to challenge myself with a branding project (my first ever try). I conceptualised a new look for the show's iconic waffle house, JJ's Diner.

I also reimagined the space as a modern diner, designing it with the new branding in mind.

Sketches from my design process.


Making graphics inspired by the BBC Sherlock series was the push I needed to pursue graphic design professionally. I got to know the Adobe suite better through numerous pieces of fanart, and the popularity that some of my work gained on Tumblr helped me realise that perhaps I had the potential to do this full-time.

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